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Emma Beaumont Photography

Emma is a professional photographer specialising in brand and lifestyle photography as well as events, weddings and family. Born and raised in Manchester, Emma loves her city and its people and it helps inspire a lot of her work. Emma’s journey to photography has been a long one, starting out with a camera as a little girl, but then turning to a career in corporate TV for many years, before becoming a professional photographer as few years ago. Her work now involves working with a diverse set of people, from business owners to brides and children, with the aim of telling stories through images, helping bring peoples' lives and values to life and capturing moments that would otherwise go unseen. For Emma photography isn’t just about taking a picture, it’s freezing moments in time, capturing memories and the authenticity of a person. This is particularly true in Emma’s brand work where she helps showcase you and your business journey; to help you shout proudly about your business and arm you with a bank of images and content that allow you more time to focus on other areas of your business and ultimately, build your brand and client base. Emma is a people’s person and very bubbly, so a project with her is always high energy and fun! 



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