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National Mentoring Day

National Mentoring Day is the largest celebration of mentoring, taking place on the 27th of October each year. As the only organisation that exists to educate, celebrate, support and promote the impact and achievements of mentors, mentees and mentoring programmes it supports all forms of mentoring with the mission to make mentoring accessible to everyone. 

As the national voice of mentoring, it plays a key role in giving prominence to mentors and mentoring initiatives, providing a platform for them to amplify their mentoring news, stories and achievements. Year-round it shines a spotlight on mentors and mentoring initiatives making a difference to inspire others to become a mentor or seek mentoring.

Founded by multi award-winning business mentor Chelsey Baker, National Mentoring Day was was inaugurated in the Houses of Parliament, London in 2016 to raise awareness on the impact and benefits of mentoring to business, education and society.

The mentoring movement has received government and royalty recognition, worldwide press coverage and support from leading brands, corporate organisations and influential business leaders.

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