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OLD TBS 2023 Keynote and Panel Agenda

The Business Show

  1. Keynote Theatre 1

    Gain insights from a seasoned Microsoft sales expert with more than 10,000 hours of experience in selling to top-tier enterprises across Germany and the UK. Gain insights into proven sales strategies for understanding buyer behaviour and leveraging emotional intelligence strategies to build trust, differentiate from your competition, and drive more sales.

  2. Keynote Theatre 2 - Sponsored by Starling Bank
    Gary started selling VITHIT vitamin drinks from the boot of his car in 2000.  He will take you on a journey of determination and grit over 23 years to become an overnight sensation.  Still 100% privately owned, the creation and persistence of VITHIT is a story of fight or flight.  From realising that his brand was failing to suing one of the biggest drinks companies in the UK, this is a story of never say die.
  3. Keynote Theatre 1
    After discovering the benefits of collagen in the family kitchen in 2016, Absolute Collagen has scaled to be recognised as 4th Fastest growing privately owned business in UK. Maxine and Darcy will share their story, pitfalls and all about building a DTC, subscription based brand. With no previous business experience, the mother & daughter team stopped the beauty industry in its track, took it by storm and rewrote the rules.
  4. Keynote Theatre 2 - Sponsored by Starling Bank
    During this time of increasing economic uncertainty, business owners are facing unprecedented challenges – from stubborn inflation and rising interest rates to weakening demand.
    Gareth Anderson (Head of Business Management at Allica Bank) will draw on his 17 years of experience in financial services working closely with business owners, to uncover practical steps on how businesses can become more resilient to not only survive in the present but thrive into the future.
  5. Theatre 14
    In this panel, you will learn everything it takes to be a top-performing business leader. Great leadership involves courage, resilience, good communication skills, and so much more. Find out how you can achieve your full potential.
  6. Keynote Theatre 1
    A look into the life of the 2023 Apprentice Winner, Marnie Swindells. From boxing champion to qualified barrister to boardroom triumph, Marnie tells us how she has navigated her way through these incredible moments, what she has learnt along the way, and what it’s like to be in business with the renowned, Lord Alan Sugar.
  7. Keynote Theatre 1
    In this Keynote, you have the opportunity to see and hear live one of the UK’s most sought after and leading business and property experts Kam Dovedi. Kam will share with you how you can use property as an asset class to create a safe, secure and sustainable income, no matter your circumstances. 
  8. Theatre 14

    This panel will focus on the latest cyber security available to ensure that your business software is protected from external threats.
    Hear from industry experts on the topic and find out what they advise.

  9. Theatre 14
    New technology is revolutionising the way we conduct our business, making processes more efficient. Hear from experts on how we can make the most of new advances transforming the world of work.
  10. Theatre 14

    New technology is revolutionising the way we conduct our business, making processes more efficient.
    Hear from experts on how we can make the most of new advances transforming the world of work.

  11. Keynote Theatre 1
    Is your brand fit to fly in 2023 or could its survival be at stake?
  12. Keynote Theatre 2 - Sponsored by Starling Bank
    Global uncertainty brings ongoing challenges, but it also creates opportunities for agile businesses. In this session, learn how to drive profitable growth by leveraging the latest AI.
  13. Theatre 14
    The most important part of a business is the employees; without them, it would not function. At this panel hear from industry experts who advise on how to implement employee wellbeing strategies to look after your workforce and get the best out of them.
  14. Theatre 14
    Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is an effective means of increasing global reach and gaining control and influence in foreign regions. Find out more about how you can get involved at this panel.
  15. Theatre 14

    This panel offers discussion points on cross-border payments; the financial transactions that happen between organisations
    located in different countries. This involves foreign exchange and how payment is processed via transferring funds or assets overseas.
    Come along to find out more.

  16. Keynote Theatre 2 - Sponsored by Starling Bank
    Join Spotify’s Head of SMB Advertising of Northern and Western Europe for a one-of-a-kind guided tour of the Spotify Ad Studio to learn how to create effective ads that reach the right audiences to drive awareness, sales, and foot traffic. Gain firsthand experience on how to create a digital audio advertisement that works – from setting a budget to identifying a target audience to developing high-impact creative.
  17. Keynote Theatre 2 - Sponsored by Starling Bank
    Tired of chasing invoices and submitting your Self-Assessment at the last minute? Join our session and discover the benefits of QuickBooks accounting software for your business – learn how to speed up your admin, manage your expenses and get real-time insights into your cash flow. Everything you need to manage your business finances, all in one place.
  18. Keynote Theatre 2 - Sponsored by Starling Bank

    If you think payment solutions are just about handling money, you could be missing a trick. Ross Taylor, SME Sales Director at Barclaycard Payments is joined by Igor Makarov from Liberis and Elixir Freshly Frozen founders Lauren Morton and Kate England to discuss how the right payment partner and solutions could help your business to grow – from managing cashflow and customer payment experiences, to understanding support available for small businesses.

  19. Keynote Theatre 2 - Sponsored by Starling Bank
    Want to know how to build an online community that feels like a group text with your customers? In this seminar you’ll hear from marketing expert Madeline, who worked for global brands like Meta and Tinder about why community is more than just followers. Learn how to ACTUALLY build a loyal community for your brand and strategies to harness the power of this community to fuel growth.
  20. Keynote Theatre 2 - Sponsored by Starling Bank

    Have you ever felt like something was missing from your life? Like there’s more to life than just getting by? I’m going to show you why a simple thing called purpose is the solution to this problem. I believe the meaning of life is a life with purpose, so how do you find your purpose? How do you know when you’ve found it?

  21. Keynote Theatre 1
    I will cover how and why TikTok can power your business growth, with a platform that is community-focused, creator-led and conversational. You will learn how entertainment can have a huge impact on your ecommerce brand.
  22. Keynote Theatre 1
    Are you ready to set up your own business? If the answer is yes, you probably have lots of questions. At this seminar, the Starling Bank team will share some top tips on what you need to think about, right from the beginning when you have the first seed of an idea.
  23. Keynote Theatre 1
    Paul has worked for a number of global brands who have made moves into developing advertising tiers ...
  24. Theatre 14
    There are many challenges when it comes to recruitment; you want the right person with the relevant ...
  25. Keynote Theatre 2 - Sponsored by Starling Bank

    “Say Bye Bye to Procrastination”, with “The Gift of Laser Like Focus on Demand”, achieving in a shorter time period what would normally take you possibly all day to complete. 

    Avoid being frequently distracted from tasks that need completion and properly prioritise what are, those important daily tasks.

    This workshop provides you with the structured approach to ensure you get all your tasks completed and on time.

  26. Keynote Theatre 2 - Sponsored by Starling Bank
    Co-Founders Teddie & Marisa will discuss the clever and unique ways they scaled up to a £5 million run-rate business, with products in 3,000+ locations, in just 18 months. The two will discuss their Dragons’ Den experience, how they secured offers from all five Dragons on the show, and what it’s like to now work with Steven Bartlett. 
  27. Keynote Theatre 2 - Sponsored by Starling Bank
    This fireside chat/interview will cover Jamie’s journey in co-founding the social impact company Too Good To, the world’s largest b2c marketplace for surplus food. His views on the importance of social entrepreneurship in addressing social and climate issues.
  28. Theatre 14
    SMEs and small businesses can make a difference when it comes to climate change. In this panel, you can find out how your business can lessen the strain on the environment by being open and transparent about reporting. You will also discover how you can make your business and practices greener.
  29. Keynote Theatre 1

    Join Steve and Brian as they showcase the pivotal solutions at the core of our innovation – AI, MultiCloud, Edge, Future of Work and Security, and how these five key solutions are shaping the future of technology and the positive impact they will have on small businesses in the UK.

  30. Keynote Theatre 2 - Sponsored by Starling Bank

    While many high street banks have been cutting back sharply on the branches and relationship managers, business owners face issues with daily banking services, from opening current accounts to waiting on lending applications for months.

    Conrad Ford (Chief Product & Strategy Officer at Allica Bank) will run through the root causes of big banks struggle to support SMEs and how to respond to these challenges when accessing banking services.