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OLD TBS 2023 Keynote and Panel Agenda

The Business Show


Why business banking has become broken for established SMEs

22 Nov 2023
Keynote Theatre 2 - Sponsored by Starling Bank
Established SMEs, which account for almost a third of UK economic activity and jobs, find themselves often neglected by high street and fintech banks. Many banks struggle to cater to unique requirements and the complexity of the sector, preferring instead to focus on consumer, micro businesses, and large corporate markets. Failing to support the vital segment, business owners now face several issues with accessing banking services, from opening current accounts to waiting on lending applications for over a few months.
During this session, Conrad Ford (Chief Product and Strategy Officer at Allica Bank) will run through the root causes of big banks struggle to support SMEs, role of Covid and recent economic events in shaping business banking, and how to respond to these challenges when accessing banking services.