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OLD TBS 2023 Keynote and Panel Agenda

The Business Show


“10,000 Hours of Microsoft Sales Secrets for Your Business”

23 Nov 2023
Keynote Theatre 1

Join us for a sales seminar packed with real-life lessons and deep customer insights. With over 10,000 hours of experience in selling multimillion dollar tech solutions to big enterprise organisations, this session focuses on sharing practical examples to be used across any business size.

We'll be covering:

Decoding Buyer Behaviour: Learn to interpret and respond to buyer behaviours in today's market. Understanding your customers is the first step to aligning your sales approach to their needs.

Leading with Industry Experience: We'll dive in deeper into why this is an amazing weapon to build trust fast and how you can apply this for your organisation.

The Emotional Sales Process: Discover why selling on price and features isn't enough anymore. We'll explore the emotional factors that really drive sales decisions.