Gemstones: Bridging the Oldest Investment and the 21st Century

17 Nov 2022
Keynote 2 - Sponsoed by The Natural Gem GmbH

Gemstones are rare, precious, and naturally occurring minerals that have been used for thousands of years to be worn in jewellery, used as a crisis currency, and to retain wealth. One of the most impressive collections of gemstones are in the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom, in this collection is the Imperial State Crown; made in 1937 and including the magnificent Cullinan II diamond, St Edward’s Sapphire, the Stuart Sapphire, and the Black Prince’s Ruby. Historically reserved for royalty, these precious stones are now accessible to the private consumer and are seen as high performing tangible investment options. In recent years, naturally coloured gemstones are making a resurgence as a tangible investment and through NFTs. The Natural Gem is at the forefront of making these beautiful items accessible through a variety of different investment options. In addition to being able to invest in the haptic, physical gemstone, investors also have the possibility to participate in the value appreciation of a gemstone portfolio in the form of tokens and NFTs. Through this TNG is making the oldest investment option available to numerous channels and outlets.

Why invest in gemstones? The valuation of gemstones has shown an incredible surge over the past decades; the prime examples of such are Rubies that have appreciated around 8% p.a., Sapphires around 6% p.a., and Emeralds with around 5% p.a.

These are great news for the private investor, but there are some important considerations before purchasing a gemstone, Dr. Thomas Schroeck will take you through the aspects of the 4C’s, treatment, country of origin, sustainability, and certification & authenticity. With the help from gemmological laboratories, like Gübelin and SSEF in Switzerland, the authenticity and quality of these naturally occurring minerals can be confirmed.

Furthermore, there will be a separate presentation on the utilisation of Web 3.0 in the gemstone market. The ability to participate in the wealth creation of a curated gemstone portfolio, digital gemstone art as well as further trading and liquidity options – all enabled through the blockchain.

Dr. Thomas Schroeck, Founder and CEO - The Natural Gem