Hybrid Working: A Flash In The Pan Or Here To Stay?

16 Nov 2022

Hybrid working: A Flash In The Pan Or Here To Stay?

Today, herding people to the office is increasingly obsolete, expensive and inconvenient. Why should workers go to the effort and expense of dragging themselves into work to spend the day working on a device that they have brought with them, and will return home with at the end of the day?

Founder and CEO of the world’s largest flexible workspace company, Mark Dixon, Founder and CEO of IWG Plc will explore how the pandemic accelerated a trend that’s been underway for several years, as organisations progressively move to a ‘hybrid’ way of working: at home, a local office and occasionally at a corporate HQ. 

Mark will discuss why hybrid is here to stay and explore the multiple benefits for people, the planet and company profits. 

Team members gain better mental health and reduced costs through not having to travel into city centres, along with greater career opportunities closer to home, while companies benefit from the financial flexibility to invest in their staff and in growing the business, instead of the buildings from which they operate. 

There is one other very important reason why the hybrid property model has been gaining so much support in recent years, and that is to do with the ESG agenda. Companies of all sizes are addressing the need for their people to commute to work as the single greatest contribution they can make to reducing their carbon footprint. 

Mark Dixon, Founder and CEO - IWG Plc