Mindset: Supercharge your goals for success

16 Nov 2022

I believe there is a certain formula for success and achieving your goals- whatever your personal version or perspective of success may be! Whether that is being successful in your career, building a business or even your personal goals. Over the past 10 years I have had a successful career in retail banking, I juggled full time studies whilst doing so, and I’ve gone on to build a six figure dessert business which I am currently building and growing. This year I won Lord Sugar’s investment on BBC’s hit show The Apprentice. I believe the secret to my success all comes down to one HUGE overriding factor in every single scenario. And that is MINDSET. 


Join me as I share a little about my journey with my business, gaining Lord Sugar’s investment & how I have shaped my mindset to help me achieve my goals every single time!

Harpreet Kaur, Entrepreneur, Founder & BBC 'The Apprentice' Winner 2022 - Oh So Yum