Induction, Onboarding & Retention in a WFH World

Let’s be honest - our induction & onboarding processes needed a shake-up anyway. Sitting a group of new
employees in a conference room and bombarding them with information over the course of a few days/weeks
was never the best way to do this. Sure - it allowed us to tick the ‘onboarded’ box - but were our new people
really onboarded? Or were they just really confused? Overwhelmed by all the information, people and

The shift to WFH and hybrid working has created a huge opportunity for us to change how we do this - and
actually make the process educational, informative and valuable for our new recruits.
What about staff retention?

When WFH is normal, why does it matter who’s paying the salary cheque every month? The commute is no longer
a factor.
How can we go about building and maintaining the team culture that is a huge part of success for any
organisation? How do we keep people informed and engaged with the day-to-day goings on when the water
cooler conversations and lunchtime chats are no longer a thing.

What about these overheard conversations that spark a little creative idea that grows into something much bigger
and fosters that idea of ‘Team’ and ‘Collaboration’ and ‘Creativity’.

This presentation will give you some real actionable steps that you can take to make sure your induction,
onboarding and retention practices are fit for purpose in our new WFH world.

Peter Craven, Creative Director - BlueSky Video Marketing