Universities as Commercial and Social Assets: The Formula to Build a University-Business Partnership

16 Nov 2022
Theatre 6

Universities can be powerful vehicles of growth, but how can businesses harness the knowledge, talent, and infrastructure within the sector? There is scope for more businesses to engage with universities as a source of knowledge for innovation, and the University of West London will present the formula to do so.  

Learn more about how to unlock the kind of support that can problem-solve, scale-up and commercialise for growth.  The university sector can be tricky to navigate, so join this session and learn how to build a partnership with the University of West London, who enjoy one of most diverse range of academic faculties, business services and graduate talent in the UK. 

The University of West London will demonstrate the criteria we believe matters most when considering which university your business should partner with. Enjoy engaging bite-sized insight into the benefits of partnering with a levelling-up university, and why we are leading the way in enabling access for business to secure funding, research experts, graduate talent, infrastructure and much more. 

This session will simplify the process of partnering with the sector and the coverage of benefits universities offer for business irrespective of size and sector. Here at UWL, we have a sincere commitment to enable opportunities for business to thrive. If you would like to find out more before the event, then book a meeting with our business engagement team here: Book a meeting or check out our business partnerships brochure: Partner with the Career University  

John Charlton, Head of Knowledge Exchange and Business Engagement - University of West London