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OLD The Business Show 2023 Seminar Program

The Business Show


How to Accelerate your Workforce Scalability and Power your Growth Strategy?

22 Nov 2023

Often fast-growing businesses overlook the importance of incorporating talent strategy in their business development plan. Consequently, they are not prepared to catch all business opportunities and more importantly they are going through challenges slowing down their revenue growth and even sometimes damaging their market reputation. This could prevent them for achieving their growth target, taking a leadership position on a fast-moving market, or simply being successful.  In an environment where talents are difficult to find and retain and business trends are changing fast, talent strategy is a tiebreaker.

In this session we will see what the key success factors, for Talent strategy to be a significant business enabler and gives a decisive contribution to your business growth plan, are.

We will discuss why people global operation is as critical as product strategy or funding to achieve your business development plan. We will explore concrete ways of getting a growth-ready and future-proof organization from a workforce management perspective.