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OLD The Business Show 2023 Seminar Program

The Business Show


AI - Beyond the Hype

22 Nov 2023
Theatre 12

In the seminar "AI - Beyond the Hype", we aim to go beyond the popular media narratives and pop culture references to delve into the reality of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As a term often misused and misrepresented, AI has become the subject of inflated expectations, and sometimes, unwarranted fears. This discussion seeks to cut through the noise, focusing on the current state of AI, its capabilities, and its limitations.

With the rise of AI models like GPT-4, the seminar will also reflect upon the apocalyptic views that often accompany such advancements. The session will emphasize a balanced discourse, considering AI as a potent tool rather than an existential threat.

Finally, the seminar will explore the exciting announcement from the UK regarding its 'light touch' regulatory approach towards AI. While not a direct consequence of Brexit, the country's departure from the European Union has facilitated an independent stance on AI regulation. As we explore whether this might give the UK an advantage in the global AI landscape, we will also debate the potential repercussions, particularly job displacement, that may arise with unchecked AI development.

Whether you're an AI enthusiast, sceptic, or neutral observer, "AI - Beyond the Hype" invites you to participate in this insightful discussion and contribute to the future of AI.