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OLD The Business Show 2023 Seminar Program

The Business Show


AI vs Human: Who will reign supreme in social media marketing?

23 Nov 2023
Theatre 12
Social media marketing faces a digital tug-of-war. On one side, AI promises efficiency and cost savings but risks diluting a
business’s uniqueness. Conversely, human intuition maintains the authenticity customers thrive on, but may be costlier.
Globally, over 400 million small businesses find it hard to make quality online content. Over half just don't have the time or
budget, and many lack tools tailored for them. These challenges make them search for a clear solution. While Generative AI
tools can create lots of content quickly, it can also make brands feel generic and risk losing the trust of their online
This seminar is a must for businesses navigating the right balance between AI and human input for their social media
marketing. Through a dynamic debate, two speakers will champion their views, prompting attendees to reassess where AI
fits — and where it doesn't.