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OLD The Business Show 2023 Seminar Program

The Business Show


Beauty Your Way – a Business Like No Other

22 Nov 2023
Panel Theatre 13

Avon is an iconic beauty company with a heritage and pedigree spanning over 138 years.

We have always been a company that puts women and their well-being at the heart of our business and purpose but truly welcomes women men and other identifiers alike, to take advantage of our opportunity and business model. We offer real and meaningful earnings to anyone who values flexibility, entrepreneurship, communication, product passion and drive within their working lives. We have strict codes of conduct within sustainability, equal opportunities and a Global policy on using alternatives to animal testing, something Avon can be proud of never having used before.

We have several charity partners and are proud to have donated several million over the years, donated by the company and our wider rep communities.

Our reps are self-employed and deliberately choose Avon to fully support their working requirements, whether it be to fit around their childcare, health issues, other working commitments and income necessities. In addition, they are given a full turnkey support system from their upline rep, in-field managers and training teams, all fully committed to them, their journey and wider goals, supporting them to run a business that meets their expectations financially, ethically and socially.

We would like to have a self-employed rep share their experience alongside a manager, as this will fully immerse the listener in a rep experience with Avon.