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OLD The Business Show 2023 Seminar Program

The Business Show


Apps for ANY device! Microsoft AI reduces costs & increases productivity – Guaranteed!

23 Nov 2023
Panel Theatre 13

Make better use of YOUR Microsoft Software in your business! How to build new Apps or Software quickly & easily? Witness the innovation of the latest ChatGPT style natural language interface in our Microsoft AI Demo’s. We guarantee our Software, Apps & Microsoft AI will reduce your businesses costs, increase efficiencies, and improve performance! Evolve costly human inputs with automation e.g. scanning paper not typing in data or deploying customer service chat bots to your website!

Join us to:

  • Learn how to quickly and easily build innovative and advanced Microsoft software, apps, chat bots, analytics, and e-commerce.
  • Learn how to use generative AI and AI Co-pilots to revolutionise how you do business, exclusive to Microsoft AI!
  • Learn how ageing Web Apps & Mobile apps in your business can be modernised to take full advantage of the latest software technologies and Microsoft AI.
  • Understand our guarantee that Microsoft AI can improve your business performance and increase efficiencies within the software you use every day e.g. Teams  
  • Learn how to integrate Microsoft AI technology into new software solutions and automations and revolutionize your day-to-day business workflows.
  • Learn how to replace costly human inputs with automation e.g. scanning paper forms not typing in data or customer service chats bots, then deploying those saved resources elsewhere!

Delivering a seminar packed full of Microsoft AI & Cloud Technology demonstrations, witness the unique natural interface of Microsoft AI that will transform everyday workflows and applications in your business e.g. your Website, Mobile apps, Web Apps, Teams, SharePoint, Word, etc.

Split into two core disciplines, our seminar contains invaluable knowledge intended to help and guide your 2024 Software Development Strategy and AI Road Map.

In Part 1 – “The Superluminal & Microsoft methodologies” - Discover how we are using Microsoft Technology to build state-of-the-art software systems and apps that deliver and return multi point value to business owners and users.
In Part 2 – “The real benefits of Microsoft Artificial Intelligence” FACT - Businesses using AI are outperforming their competitors. We guarantee Microsoft AI applied to your business will reduce costs, increase efficiencies and productivity, and release resources to elsewhere in the business.

Most importantly, don’t fear AI! It’s here to augment what you do, not replace you or your team!