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OLD The Business Show 2023 Seminar Program

The Business Show


Building a “HyperGrowth” Sales Engine for any Business

22 Nov 2023
Theatre 13

Join us for "Building a HyperGrowth Sales Engine" –  designed for entrepreneurs, sales leaders, and anyone looking to build
something truly remarkable. This seminar is your ticket to a world where a great sales strategy is a masterpiece, people are the core engine of growth,
processes are streamlined to perfection, and technology is an enabler, not a hurdle.

We’ll also go into detail about what not to do, mistakes I’ve made along the way and how to avoid them.

Building the HyperGrowth Engine

In the modern business ecosystem, technology is a pivotal element for scaling sales operations. Gain insights into
identifying and implementing technology that complements your sales strategies, optimises your processes, and empowers your people.
Discover how to harness data analytics, AI, and other revolutionary technologies to glean actionable insights,
predict market trends, and make informed decisions.

Proven Results

"Building a HyperGrowth Sales Engine" isn’t just a seminar—it’s chock full of tried and tested methods that have
empowered hundreds of companies to win lucrative deals, gain exposure, and secure investment. Each segment of the
event is enriched with case studies, real-life examples, gotchas and actionable insights.  

Why Attend?

Begin a journey designed to discover skills, knowledge, and insights that promise not just growth, but HyperGrowth.
Every strategy unveiled, every insight shared, is a stepping stone to turning your business into a powerhouse of
sales excellence and customer attraction. 

Register for "Building a HyperGrowth Sales Engine" and begin your journey of transformation that
promises to turn your business aspirations into incredible realities.