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OLD The Business Show 2023 Seminar Program

The Business Show


Calling All Entrepreneurs: How to Create a Property Business

23 Nov 2023

Calling all entrepreneurs, how do you break into a booming property industry where prices are sky high? How do you start creating cash and passive income from a property business right now? 

That’s exactly what Vishaal Dovedi will be sharing with you in this seminar. 

As one of the UK’s youngest property investors, who has a portfolio size within the top 1% of UK property investors, Vishaal will be sharing with you how the proven system he has discovered that has allowed him to do this, how he has replaced his income from his job (because yes, he has done this part time!) so you can too. 

The days of going to university, getting a good job, working for 40+ years and then retiring on a few hundred pounds a week are over. 

Property is the business everyone wants to get in to. The Wealthiest people in the UK all have property businesses, and that’s where they have created most of their money.