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OLD The Business Show 2023 Seminar Program

The Business Show


The Human Touch in Sales and Marketing Recruitment

23 Nov 2023
Theatre 8

Unlocking the Essence of Recruitment: Nurturing Human Connections for Successful Hiring in Sales and Marketing.

In an era where technology drives efficiency, the heart of successful recruitment still lies in meaningful human connections. Join us for an enlightening seminar where we delve into the crucial role of personal interactions in hiring top-tier talent for sales and marketing positions.

In today's competitive landscape, attracting exceptional candidates requires more than just automated processes. Our seminar focuses on understanding the candidate's journey, acknowledging their aspirations, and crafting a tailored recruitment approach that resonates deeply. We will discuss the powerful impact of clear and empathetic communication at every stage of the recruitment process, ensuring candidates feel valued and respected.

We’ll illustrate how the interview experience goes beyond mere assessments, becoming a showcase of your organization's values and culture. By placing emphasis on cultural fit and leveraging personal networks, we'll explore how building relationships early on can lead to more engaged and committed employees.

Our session will spotlight the intersection of technology and the human touch. While technology streamlines administrative tasks, it's the human interactions that forge trust and rapport. You'll discover how technology can enhance the personal touch, propelling your recruitment efforts to new heights.

Success stories of candidates who transformed into key contributors will exemplify the enduring impact of tailored engagement. We'll share strategies to create a candidate-centric approach that nurtures relationships even after hiring decisions are made, leading to potential rehires and valuable referrals.

Join us for an enriching experience that will reshape your recruitment perspective. Elevate your strategy by harnessing the power of human connections. This seminar is your gateway to cultivating a strong, engaged, and innovative sales and marketing team. Don't miss this opportunity to align your recruitment approach with the heartbeat of successful hiring.