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OLD The Business Show 2023 Seminar Program

The Business Show


Navigating a Complex Sustainability Landscape

22 Nov 2023
Theatre 7

The world has changed considerably in recent years, especially our attitude towards environmental and social responsibility.
It's not just the environmental issues that we are aware of but also social issues.
We as human beings and individuals care about these issues and increasingly,
we want the businesses and organisations we work for to care as well.

The issue of sustainability must be addressed by us, the employees, the stakeholders, the customers, the consumers.
We need to work collectively to make significant impacts that will leave a positive legacy for future generations.

You may be confused about ESG or need to prepare for the race to Net Zero, build a culture that empowers employees to do environmental and social good,
attract new talent, win tenders and improve brand reputation. We can help you on your sustainability journey.

What will be covered in this free workshop?

* Cutting through the jargon
* Understanding the sustainability landscape
* The financial and social value of environmental and social responsibility.
* The impact on staff retention and recruitment
* The impact on your reputation
* Delivering a CSR strategy
* CSR Accreditation

The Future Shape of Business

We believe that business should be measured by both financial and social value.
This framework will enable you to show return on social investment (ROSI) in terms of staff engagement/productivity,
retention, recruitment, tendering, investment and reputation.
It will also deliver important emotional investment showing a social return of investment (SROI). CSR is a profit centre.

Make 2023 the year for demonstrating your organisation’s socially responsible and sustainable actions.