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OLD The Business Show 2023 Seminar Program

The Business Show


Get onboard with sustainability in 2024 (& enjoy it)

22 Nov 2023
Theatre 7

As an SME you want your business to embrace sustainability, but lack of time and clear direction holds you back from moving forward.

Kaia Vincent, a B Corp marketing agency owner and marketing fellow, with over 25 years’ experience will deliver 10 easy ways you can integrate sustainability within for your SME business in 2024 and see positive impacts for your business, your team and the community.

For many, sustainability may seem daunting or geared to planet-saving actions which an SME business owner may feel they can’t do much about. But owning or working for a sustainable business is also about creating positive impacts for people and the wider community. It’s about being a business for good. 

Being a business for good is ever-evolving too. You don’t need to implement everything on day one and you don’t need to pretend to be further along your sustainability journey than you are. It’s about taking small steps. Set your own pace for sustainability, so it remains on course, achievable and fulfilling.   

Embracing sustainability can be beneficial for your company profile too because it can build a ‘feel good’ feeling about your brand.  From a sales and marketing perspective it provides positive stories to sharing via social media or media; it can even support award submissions. Meet like minded people at sustainable networking events, to the development media stories and award submissions.  It can also make your ‘join us’ website page more vibrant and truly identify you as a good employer.

Brevity’s 10 easy ways to get started with sustainability have been taken from their own experience of developing their marketing agency as a force for good – and their advancement to BCorp status. 

The presentation will cover:

  • Setting 3 authentic values for your business 
  • Becoming a more self-aware business leader
  • Developing annual impact and diversity reports – to benchmark where you are now, so you can measure positive change
  • Supplier audit
  • 12-month employee sustainability challenge
  • Integration of volunteering days and getting involved in your community
  • Cross-skills training for your team
  • Enhancing employee benefits with affordable solutions 
  • Join your local People Planet Pint group
  • B1G1 – aligning your charitable giving with business achievements