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OLD The Business Show 2023 Seminar Program

The Business Show


Search-First Social Media: Leveraging Social Media as a Key Sales Tool

23 Nov 2023

So, you’re using social media to market your business... But why?

Social media is one of the most widely used marketing tools across businesses of all sizes. In fact last
year, 91% marketers indicated that they used social media as part of their marketing strategy.
However, despite the majority of businesses acknowledging the importance of a social media strategy,
few can actually pinpoint how it delivers on core business goals - i.e. sales.

It’s easy to see why. On social media the emphasis is largely on audience size and engagement, and
because of this, it’s easy to become blinkered and chase after these vanity metrics. However, without
properly understanding the specific role of social media within your business’s wider marketing
strategy, even companies with the most impressive online followings won’t really be able to translate
followers into sales. In which case, what is the point in investing resources into a social media strategy at all?

This is changing. In a bid to increase time that users spend on their app or site, many social media
platforms are now incorporating more e-commerce features, with the aim of increasing conversions
within their platforms. Alongside this, we’ve seen some platforms reduce the reach of user content that
contains external links (to try and decrease the amount of users leaving their platforms), whilst TikTok
has announced their intention to ban external e-commerce links to sites such as Amazon altogether.
In addition to this, changes in user search behaviour - especially amongst the Gen Z demographic - is
creating the prime environment for platforms to sell to users whilst they are actively seeking answers to their questions.

The result of this? There is now more opportunity than ever before for brands to sell on social media,
taking social media marketing from a nebulous aspect of your marketing strategy to one of your core sales platforms.

Of course, as opportunity increases, so does competition. So how can businesses adapt their social
media strategy for the future? Introducing Search-First Social Media Marketing.

Covered in this seminar:
• How user search behaviour is changing across the digital landscape.
• How social platforms and search engines alike are bracing for social media as a key sales tool.
• An introduction to search-first social media marketing.
• The fundamentals of a search-first social media strategy.
• The results of a search-first social media strategy.