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2024 The Business Show AGENDA

The Business Show

  1. Theatre 10
    During the seminar, Ilinca will discuss the legal challenges businesses encounter and the strategies to overcome them. She will emphasise the pervasive role of law in every aspect of business operations, highlighting the essential dos and don'ts that must be considered at each stage of the business process
  2. Theatre 11
    Now is the time for us to increase our awareness of the climate crisis. Businesses cannot operate without the planet.
  3. Panel Theatre 13
    Here you will hear top knowledge, guidance, and insights on how you can become a successful leader in your organisation. Industry experts will guide you by sharing their experience from the challenges they’ve faced and how they overcame them.
  4. Panel Theatre 13
    This panel will focus on the latest cyber security available to ensure that your business software is protected from external threats. Hear from industry experts on the topic and find out what they advise.
  5. Panel Theatre 13
    New technology is revolutionising the way we conduct our business, making processes more efficient. Hear from experts on how we can make the most of new advances transforming the world of work.
  6. Panel Theatre 13
    New technology is revolutionising the way we conduct our business, making processes more efficient. Hear from experts on how we can make the most of new advances transforming the world of work.
  7. Theatre 14
    Are you tired of being a one-man band, struggling to keep all the different parts of your business in sync? With integrated services, you can bring everything together seamlessly, avoiding the chaos of working with multiple disconnected systems, increase efficiency, and saved time and money. It's a game-changer for businesses and we have a wide range of clients who tend to agree! Join us and let's make your business thrive together.
  8. Theatre 14
    Publishing a book is a phenomenal way to establish yourself as an industry expert, but what makes for a successful business book? Discover the secrets to aligning your book with your business goals, ensuring it’s of the highest quality, maintaining control over your publishing process, maximizing your book's reach, and integrating your book into your business ecosystem.
  9. Panel Theatre 13
    Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has long since been around as an effective means of increasing global reach and gaining control and influence in foreign regions. Find out more about how you can get involved at this panel.
  10. Theatre 10

    As business owners, there are lots of things that we can do ourselves, to help our websites get found online. 

    Beks will share her top tips in an easy to understand, jargon-free way.

    Smash Marketing works with SMEs to increase their visibility online through a variety of SEO tactics.

  11. Panel Theatre 13
    This panel offers discussion points on cross border payments; the financial transactions that happen between organisations located in different countries. This involves foreign exchange and how payment is processed via transferring funds or assets overseas. Come along to find out more.
  12. Theatre 11
    • Understand AI Ethics: Explore existing ethical guidelines and regulations surrounding AI, including the significant insights from the AI Act.

    • Solutions and Insights: Discover ways to embed ethical practices into your AI journey using the innovative Smart Ethics platform.

    • Challenges and Opportunities: Uncover the complexities of navigating AI ethics in today's rapidly evolving technological landscape

  13. Theatre 14

    This seminar provides practical advice to CMOs, Marketing Directors and Managers who struggle to manage multiple websites. It addresses common pain points including inefficient content management, high maintenance costs and poor search engine rankings. 


    It covers topics like brand and website architecture, content management efficiency, domain management, SEO, international websites, reducing maintenance costs, enhancing SERP rankings and improving security. 


    It explores solutions including WordPress Multisite and multi-tenancy websites. 

  14. Theatre 12

    We will explore the hidden high stakes in the world of event organising and complex project delivery, marked by deadline pressures, tight budgets, and intense scrutiny from stakeholders. We'll discuss how long hours, toxic work cultures, and competitive stress lead to mental health issues like anxiety and burnout. Our focus will be on transformative strategies that prioritise mental well-being, fostering collaboration and resilience to safeguard organisers against reputational risks and high-pressure failures.

  15. Theatre 12
    In this spirited presentation, Damon will unveil how AI can drastically boost your online presence or empower your digital strategies. He'll explore cutting-edge AI tools in content creation, data-driven marketing insights, and innovative design. Whether you're building a brand or enhancing your agency's services, you'll leave equipped with practical, AI-driven techniques to revolutionise your digital footprint and engage audiences more effectively in today's competitive online landscape.
  16. Theatre 11

    Confused about ESG or the race to NetZero? Do you want to build a culture that empowers employees, attracts new talent, wins tenders and improves brand reputation? We can help you on your sustainability journey.

    Sustainability must be addressed by all. We need to work collectively to make significant impacts that will leave a positive legacy for future generations. 

    Make 2023 the year for demonstrating your organisation’s sustainable actions.

  17. Theatre 14
    Digital Transformation can mean different things to different companies from super charging your startup venture to changing how your established business operates to opening up new revenue streams. Whatever stage you are at, there are key factors to consider to ensure a successful implementation, which we will cover, but our key focus will be on why the best talent in the right roles is integral throughout.
  18. Theatre 11

    🚀 Are you ready to supercharge your business growth and secure the funding you need to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams? Join us for an inspiring session that will change the way you think about investment.

    Join the Start-Up Revolution: Transform your future with our Raising Investment Seminar!

  19. Panel Theatre 13
    There are many challenges when it comes to recruitment; you want the right person with the relevant skills. You also want to ensure that you’re assessing candidates fairly. Hear all the tips, tricks, and advice on how to address common recruitment issues.
  20. Theatre 12
    Discover how generative AI transforms intelligent document processing, creating adaptive customer communication platforms. Learn about the integration of advanced workflows, AI agents, and conversational interfaces, leading to highly personalized, efficient, and engaging interactions. Explore the future of adaptive communication platforms and how they can revolutionize your business's customer engagement strategies.
  21. Theatre 9
    Every business should have a business-to-business/business-to-government strategy, simply put doing business with institutions. Doing business with institutions is the fastest way to grow and scale. Learn how to sell to any institution, whether local/state government, corporations, higher education institutions and even the federal government in just 90 days!
  22. Theatre 14
    Practical business continuity and disaster recovery plans to respond to security incidents and technology failure can be a lifesaver when things go wrong, but are rarely covered. This session works through a simple, effective approach to basic risk management, preparing for the worst, and practicing so that you’re not caught out.
  23. Theatre 12
    SEO-Driven Revenue: Crafting a Winning E-commerce Strategy for Maximum Impact offers vital insights for enhancing your online store's visibility and sales through expert SEO techniques. This seminar will cover advanced keyword research, on-page SEO, link-building, and content marketing strategies, alongside analytics for optimisation. Gain actionable insights to outperform competitors and captivate your audience. Transform your SEO into a powerful revenue generator.
  24. Theatre 14
    Developing sustainable strategies for business growth and expansion while maintaining profitability... and retaining your sanity. Balancing ambition with practicality can be a daunting task for business owners. Driving growth while ensuring profitability without sacrificing our time, work-life balance or mental well-being is essential. Join us as we discuss actionable strategies, provide insights and, and vital practises to help you achieve business success while retaining your sanity.
  25. Panel Theatre 13
    SMEs and small businesses can make a difference when it comes to climate change. In this panel, you can find out how your business can lessen the strain on the environment by being open and transparent about reporting. You will also discover how you can make your business and practices greener.
  26. Theatre 12

    A learning session on how to best tackle your accounting and taxes as a business-of-one or start-up.

  27. Theatre 12
    I'll explain the importance of small businesses offering flexible payment options to compete with larger chains. Flexible payments allow customers to justify their spending by breaking it into affordable chunks, leading them to spend more. Many small businesses miss out due to lack of access to mainstream lenders, but I'll discuss how they can overcome this and how we can assist them
  28. Theatre 9

    This seminar will guide delegates to an understanding that the pressure that accompanies running a business and staying competitive does not necessarily need to lead to stress. With the right personal and team energy management approaches, teams and individuals can avoid stress and turn workplace pressure into enhanced performance, engagement, and creativity. This is how you do more with less and stay ahead of the competition when resources are tight.

  29. Theatre 9
    Banks and non-bank providers of foreign exchange and cross-border payments hide the largest charges in their exchange rates. The purpose of this seminar is to educate and inform.
  30. Theatre 14
    Brand strategy helps startups and scale-ups to differentiate and win market share. It helps investors achieve portfolio ROI. It is often overlooked, and yet it’s crucial to establish from the outset. Join me if you’re interested in finding out the difference between design assets versus a unique brand, when to use AI and how brand strategy is a foundation for creativity, to create iconic campaigns like Nike ‘Just Do It’.
  31. Panel Theatre 13
    The most important part of a business is the employees; without them, it would not function. At this panel hear from industry experts who advise on how to effectively manage your workforce while also scaling your business.