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The Business Show 2024 Seminar Program

The Business Show

  1. Theatre 13
    Practical business continuity and disaster recovery plans to respond to security incidents and technology failure can be a lifesaver when things go wrong, but are rarely covered. This session works through a simple, effective approach to basic risk management, preparing for the worst, and practicing so that you’re not caught out.
  2. Theatre 9
    Every business should have a business-to-business/business-to-government strategy, simply put doing business with institutions. Doing business with institutions is the fastest way to grow and scale. Learn how to sell to any institution, whether local/state government, corporations, higher education institutions and even the federal government in just 90 days!
  3. Theatre 12
    In this spirited presentation, Damon will unveil how AI can drastically boost your online presence or empower your digital strategies. He'll explore cutting-edge AI tools in content creation, data-driven marketing insights, and innovative design. Whether you're building a brand or enhancing your agency's services, you'll leave equipped with practical, AI-driven techniques to revolutionise your digital footprint and engage audiences more effectively in today's competitive online landscape.
  4. Theatre 12

    Everything I do, I believe that businesses grow profitably when they have the right systems in place.

    I’ll talk about my experiences on this journey, where I’ve failed miserably, what has worked and what hasn’t, and
    what have been the steps needed to grow a business from £20 million to £55 million in 3 years. This is real hands-
    on stuff. No sugarcoating.

  5. Theatre 9
    Banks and non-bank providers of foreign exchange and cross-border payments hide the largest charges in their exchange rates. The purpose of this seminar is to educate and inform.
  6. Theatre 11

    Confused about ESG or the race to NetZero? Do you want to build a culture that empowers employees, attracts new talent, wins tenders and improves brand reputation? We can help you on your sustainability journey.

    Sustainability must be addressed by all. We need to work collectively to make significant impacts that will leave a positive legacy for future generations. 

    Make 2023 the year for demonstrating your organisation’s sustainable actions.