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The Business Show 2024 Seminar Program

The Business Show


Lights, Camera, Anxiety: Managing Performance Stress in Live Events

14 Nov 2024
Theatre 12

We will delve deep into the challenging yet rewarding world of event organising and complex project delivery. This session will highlight the intense pressures that event professionals face, from strict deadlines and stringent budgets to the demanding expectations of stakeholders, never mind the rapid turnaround to the next project.  With no time to celebrate successful delivery. We'll explore how these conditions, coupled with long working hours and the unintentional lack of team collaboration due to rapid delivery demands, escalate stress, triggering significant mental health issues like anxiety, high stress, and burnout among organisers.


Throughout the discussion, we will emphasise the critical importance of prioritising mental health within this high-stakes industry. Our experts will share transformative strategies designed to promote mental well-being. These include fostering tactical collaboration adapted to each unique client situation rather than applying a one-size-fits-all strategic approach. This flexibility enhances resilience among teams to effectively manage and mitigate the impact of these occupational hazards.


The goal of this event is not only to shed light on the hidden challenges of the event planning industry but also to equip other professionals with the tools they need to protect themselves from reputational risks and the adverse effects of high-pressure failures. By implementing these strategies, event organisers can create a more sustainable working environment that supports both their professional success and their personal well-being. 

Debbie Church, Founder & CEO of Epic Events - Epic Events
Keely Woolley, Founder & Executive Leadership Coach & Trainer of Metamorforsuccess - Metamorforsuccess
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