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The Business Show 2024 Seminar Program

The Business Show


How to Manage Multiple Websites Effectively

14 Nov 2024
Theatre 14

Effectively managing an online presence is crucial for any organisation, especially those operating multiple websites. The complexity of handling various brands, international websites or microsites under one umbrella can overwhelm even the most seasoned marketing teams. This seminar aims to demystify the process, offering practical advice and strategic insights for efficient multi-website management.


The seminar is designed for Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), Marketing Directors, and Managers overseeing operations in:

- Group companies or entities with multiple brands or websites.

- Organisations with various sub-brands, business units, departments, or microsites.

- Global companies serving international markets, franchises, or those with global distributors/dealers.


The seminar addresses common pain points and challenges, including:

- Inefficient management and updates across platforms.

- Confusion over structuring international websites.

- Elevated hosting and maintenance costs.

- Suboptimal search engine results page (SERP) rankings.

- Security vulnerabilities across web properties.


The seminar delves into:

- Effective brand and website architecture.

- Customer-centric web management strategies.

- SEO optimisation for multi-website entities.

- Best practices for international website and domain management.

- Time-saving techniques for content updates.

- Strategies to reduce web hosting and maintenance expenses.

- Tactics to enhance website SERP rankings.

- Security and resilience improvements for your web ecosystem.


It explores solutions including WordPress Multisite and multi-tenancy websites. Overall, it aims to help organisations streamline their web management processes and enhance their online presence.


Darren Hickey, Founder & Director - Fellowship
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