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2024 The Business Show AGENDA

The Business Show



13 Nov 2024
Theatre 7

Our aim is to ‘infotain’ the audience with insightful, exclusive information gathered from our international and world leading technology eco-system, partners, vendors and network. We will deliver genuine value to the SME audience via these insights and knowledge over various topics, but the entire presentation will be delivered in an entertaining and human-centric manner, using jungle-themed analogies and images.

1. It’s a Technological Jungle Out There for SMEs
Begins with a lightning fast, SME facts and stats overview on the screen behind Anthony Senter - our key speaker and CEO - around SME cyberattack types and numbers, SME slow connectivity costs in time, management, productivity and advancements and how the leading technology vendors and providers see SME’s.
Followed by a brief 2-minute explanation of who we are and what qualifies us to provide these insights and facts (the only company on the planet with 2 double MEF accredited Subject Matter experts, various awards, certifications and accreditations, 6 world-first innovations that beat Google and other Silicon Valley tech giants to market).

2. Can’t See the Wood for The Trees – It can be extremely difficult to find technologies that are designed with SMEs in mind, i.e. on their budget and with the correct level of support. In this section we highlight:
 Which technologies power and empower SMEs (connection & protection tech as these are the essential underpinning tech that every SME needs, regardless of industry sector).
 How can SMEs access the same quality of advanced technologies as bigger businesses (with bigger budgets)
 Which come expertly integrated and enable SMES to operate at optimal levels
 Which deliver fast ROI, create measurable competitive edge - keeping SMEs ahead of the competition and the cyber criminals taking aim at SMEs on increasing levels daily.

3. Are You the Hunter or the Hunted? Prey or Pray? – Don’t just hope your business won’t become under attack. 60% of

SMEs do not survive 6 months after a cyber-attack and SMEs are actively seeking solutions - so how and what will ensure their survival, and how do we turn merely surviving into thriving?
 Introduction: 6 killer stats on how and why cybercriminals are targeting SMEs,
 Quotes from leaders about the complexity of cybersecurity: Interpol, NCSC, GCHQ, FBI, Europol and more
 Explanations of the different types of attacks affecting SMEs
 Details on the latest new techniques being deployed by the cyber criminals & organised crime groups… and how to beat them by securing the entry points they prey on.

4. The Elephant in the Room – what are the subjects no one wants to address?
 Picking Off the Vulnerable: in cybersecurity the weakest point in many organisations is the same as their strongest point! Namely their staff. This is not to be disparaging but even the largest company with thousands of staff and millions in budgets cannot train their staff quick enough to keep ahead of every cyber threat – technology however can keep your business ahead of the cyberthreats and the competition.
 The Herd Mentality: how the average business has over 40 cybersecurity tools on their network, 50% have not even been integrated, let alone used.
 Survival of the Cyber Fittest: 60% of SMEs do not survive a cyberattack. How to hit back with ZTNA technology, threat hunters (human and Ai), protecting endpoints and devices.
5. It’s Evolution, not Revolution – What questions should an SME ask when choosing technology and cybersecurity, a technology vendor or managed service provider?

Helping SMEs define the important questions: scalability, genuine expertise, seamless integration with zero downtime, 24/7support, experts teams on hand, engineers, Proof of Concepts and pilots, contract terms that become a stranglehold, costs and how to avoid hidden and exorbitant up-front costs….
We will cover many of the important questions SMEs should ask and provide an example check list, so SMEs can ease themselves into any digital transformation project with confidence and at their own pace.

10 Minute Q&A: answering SME questions on the hoof

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