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2024 The Business Show AGENDA

The Business Show


Scaling your business successfully – through high impact culture and leadership

13 Nov 2024
Theatre 13
Businesses want to succeed.  They want to have an impact and make a difference.  Key to this, as important as revenue, profit, & sales, is organisational culture.  Indeed, one recent study found that “culture has not only a short-term impact on performance, but lasting effects as a competitive edge. Specifically, this research has shown an advantage in ROA, sales growth, and market value”.  In this speech, Chris will explain how organisations can measure their culture, improve and enhance it, and how to leverage that to achieve outstanding results.   Businesses that aim to scale and grow, without scaling their people, behaviours, leadership and culture are on a swift path to failure.
Chris Paton, Managing Director - Quirk Solutions Limited
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