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The Business Show 2024 Seminar Program

The Business Show


Systems of profitable growth: getting the right customers affordably

14 Nov 2024
Theatre 12

Everything I do, I believe that businesses grow profitably when they have the right systems in place. There is a
simple but specific way to build those systems that would bring you the right type of customers reliably,
predictably, and at the right price.

It’s rooted in business values, discovered through customer research, tested rigorously on all communication
channels, and set free to work its magic. It’s everything your business does and all about the clients you want to
be working with.

I’ll talk about my experiences on this journey, where I’ve failed miserably, what has worked and what hasn’t, and
what have been the steps needed to grow a business from £20 million to £55 million in 3 years. This is real hands-
on stuff. No sugarcoating.

Tanel Vetik, Founder, CEO - Onte Digital
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