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2024 The Business Show AGENDA

The Business Show


Transform Workplace Pressure into Sustainable Growth and Performance.

13 Nov 2024
Theatre 9

The only energy resources that last are the ones that we can renew but when the pressure is on it becomes all too easy to let the balance between energy expenditure and energy renewal become unbalanced. This seminar delivers tools and tips to help participants manage and maintain personal energy whilst at work, so that they have energy left to enjoy other aspects of their life o they can bring their full selves to work every day. It also covers the necessity for leaders of small businesses to take particular care to manage their own energy and resilience as they cannot support team performance if they are not taking care of their own physical and emotional wellbeing.

The session will refocus them on the need to take personal responsibility for their energy management choices, the impact that failure to do so has on the performance sustainability and how to make the small, intentional adjustments that will help them make the most of their finite personal resources. Overall the session will touch on how wellbeing impacts team performance, the necessity to take personal responsibility for behavioural choices regarding boundaries, the energy management model for personal sustainability (getting the basics right every day), practising emotional regulation and maintaining mental focus and using personal mission and purpose to stay on track and energised

Lesley Cooper, CEO - WorkingWell Limited
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