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2024 The Business Show AGENDA

The Business Show


Valuation Masterclass: How to increase the value of your business

14 Nov 2024
Theatre 13

Thinking about selling your business, securing investment, or simply curious about its worth? 

This comprehensive business valuation masterclass, presented by Graham Stephen, from bizval will unpack.


Understand business valuation: Demystify the key factors that determine your company's true value. 

How to build for value from day 1: Explore practical strategies to enhance your business's attractiveness to potential buyers and investors, such as the cookie cutter approach. 

Calculate your company's value: Learn different valuation methods that will empower you to choose the most suitable approach for your business.  

HGC vs. SMB: Learn the key differences between a HGC (High-growth company) and a traditional SMB (Small-to-medium business). 

Value drivers and detractors: The two sides of the same coin when it comes to your company's overall worth. 

Ask the Experts: Get your burning valuation questions answered during our live Q&A session 


Gain the insight and confidence you need to make informed future business decisions today!

Graham Stephen, Founder & CEO - Bizval
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