Your Business Your Community (YBC)

We understand that starting and growing a business can take a lot of effort and knowledge and have developed a range of over 30 benefits to help you on your journey.
From helping you meet new clients and increasing your sales to saving you time and money on essential products and services we know you will benefit from becoming a member.

YBC Village Stand

History of Your Business Community:

YBC was formed as a 21st century alternative to the traditional support services that are now viewed by many as out of date. We seek to solve problems rather than just complain about them.

Whatever business service you are looking for you will find it in YBC Village.


As a YBC Member, You Can Enjoy:

Free legal and employment advice 24/7, and free VAT, tax, PAYE, and health and safety advice during office hours. Phone and ask that burning question, or simply get clarity or confirmation on any issue.

An online document library providing hundreds of documents, templates, fact sheets, and handbooks covering law, tax, health and safety, and HR.

Financial protection in the event of your business being subject to:

  • HMRC tax investigation

  • HMRC aspect enquiry

  • Employment disputes and awards

  • Health and safety prosecution

  • Data protection prosecution

  • License protection

  • Landlord disputes

  • Director, partner, and employee prosecution