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  • The world of divorce can get messy, especially when finances are involved. In my line of work, I often deal with spouses suspecting their partners of hiding assets.
  • Hidden asset investigations are complex and often require legal expertise. If you suspect someone is hiding assets, consult with a qualified professional before taking any action.
  • I've witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of job-related scams, leaving individuals financially drained and emotionally crushed.
  • The question of "justice versus mercy" isn't theoretical; it's a stark reality I face in every case. Should we always favour one over the other?
  • I've witnessed firsthand how scammers exploit vulnerabilities, posing as debt collectors to extort money from unsuspecting individuals. I share a case that unveils the tactics behind these cons.
  • Online dating. A world of possibilities, or a potential minefield of deception?
  • I've seen how scammers exploit this yearning, weaving elaborate schemes that leave victims with empty wallets and shattered trust.
  • As a private investigator, I delve into diverse mysteries, but few cases have stirred my spirit quite like the disappearance of Majesty, a majestic Arabian horse.
  • This case underscores the importance of vigilance and proactive measures in safeguarding one's reputation in the digital age.
  • I delve into a case that exposes the tactics behind these malicious schemes and empowers individuals to navigate challenging situations with courage and resilience.
  • While my job doesn't always paint a rosy picture, it's precisely the challenges I face that have shaped my unique perspective on freedom and peace.
  • The experts in fast, effective enforcement

    16 Feb 2024 Jason Wynne-Williams
    What makes us stand out We’ve got the skills and experience to get you effective solutions and are recognised for our unparalleled professional integrity, our ethical approach and our ability to deliv ...
  • As an investigator, I've learned that uncovering hidden assets goes beyond finding money. It's about piecing together complex financial narratives and delivering the truth my clients deserve.
  • IP theft can have a devastating impact on businesses, both large and small, by causing financial losses, damaging reputations, and stifling innovation.  
  • Expert Opinion: Value of truth

    05 Dec 2023 James Aguilan
    What is the value of truth?
  • Mercy can sometimes be the only way to prevent a greater injustice. However, sacrificing fairness can undermine the rule of law. Should we sacrifice some fairness in order to show mercy?