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The Business Show

  1. Keynote Theatre 1
    Small business (especially when you are starting out) can quickly descend into Fear Struggle Pain Scarcity Despair and even Illness and Depression.  I will show you how to transcend all the challenges you are facing, via simple metaphysical principles, to help you thrive in business - as well as in life.
  2. Keynote Theatre 1
    In this talk Simon Squibb will be giving his insights into how entrepreneurs can save the world, if they find purpose and follow their dream.
  3. Keynote Theatre 2 - Sponsored by Starling Bank
    Carolina draws from her digital luxury career, weaving inspiring narratives from Estee Lauder, Selfridges, and Burberry. Through embracing failure, resilience, and collaboration, she exemplifies the keys to entrepreneurial success, offering a dynamic roadmap applicable in diverse professional landscapes.
  4. Panel Theatre 14
    The most important part of a business is the employees; without them, it would not function. At this panel hear from industry experts who advise on how to effectively manage your workforce while also scaling your business.
  5. Panel Theatre 14
    New technology is revolutionising the way we conduct our business, making processes more efficient. Hear from experts on how we can make the most of new advances transforming the world of work.
  6. Panel Theatre 14
    Here you will hear top knowledge, guidance, and insights on how you can become a successful leader in your organisation. Industry experts will guide you by sharing their experience from the challenges they’ve faced and how they overcame them.
  7. Panel Theatre 14
    This panel will focus on the latest cyber security available to ensure that your business software is protected from external threats. Hear from industry experts on the topic and find out what they advise.
  8. Panel Theatre 14
    SMEs and small businesses can make a difference when it comes to climate change. In this panel, you can find out how your business can lessen the strain on the environment by being open and transparent about reporting. You will also discover how you can make your business and practices greener.
  9. Panel Theatre 14
    Receive tips, insights, and advice from industry experts on what it takes to plan, fund, and launch ...
  10. Panel Theatre 14
    This panel discussion covers all the bases of how to build a successful brand for your business. Fro ...
  11. Panel Theatre 14
    There are many challenges when it comes to recruitment; you want the right person with the relevant skills. You also want to ensure that you’re assessing candidates fairly. Hear all the tips, tricks, and advice on how to address common recruitment issues.
  12. Panel Theatre 14
    New technology is revolutionising the way we conduct our business, making processes more efficient. Hear from experts on how we can make the most of new advances transforming the world of work.
  13. Keynote Theatre 2 - Sponsored by Starling Bank

    Benny Balaji, Zoho's Sales Director, will guide you through the key business solutions that entrepreneurs need to become customer-first and digitally ready. He will share real-world examples and explain how a customer relationship management solution can streamline daily processes and eliminate silos.

  14. Keynote Theatre 1

    While everyone is all in on AI, crypto, or the latest trend, one thing guarantees a return: building a personal brand. Online and offline, the world changes,
    but your message prevails. After coaching 1000+ people and working with 100+ clients, this keynote explains how to build a personal brand that attracts, engages, and converts people on and off social media. Storytelling, writing, networking, and growth hacking strategies are included.

  15. In this keynote speech, I will share my incredible journey from starting trading at a market stall t ...
  16. Keynote Theatre 2 - Sponsored by Starling Bank
    1. How to start your business and transform your life.  2. Learn how to encourage and inspire SME's ...
  17. Keynote Theatre 1

    Good entrepreneurs will focus on revenue and they will focus on costs. However the third metric, that is often neglected, is retention rate. Keeping the best people in your team motivated and inspired is one of the most important lessons of a leader and one of the quickest ways to Commercial success. This seminar is about how to do that. 

  18. Keynote Theatre 1

    People don’t trust brand marketing. Because brands lie. 92% of people trust the opinion of a stranger over a company brand online, it’s why TripAdvisor exists. It’s why Amazon reviews exist… it’s why GlassDoor exists. And yet, brands don’t realise the solution to their untrustworthiness is already sitting on their payroll. People buy from people, but more importantly they buy from people they trust. 

  19. Keynote Theatre 2 - Sponsored by Starling Bank

    Discover how Simmy turned challenges into opportunities by cultivating a resilient entrepreneurial mindset. Through personal stories and insights, learn how to see opportunities, work hard, and achieve remarkable success with limited resources. This seminar will inspire you to embrace constraints and dream big without overcomplicating the path to success.

  20. Keynote Theatre 2 - Sponsored by Starling Bank

    "The Power of One" is the definitive guide to achieving financial freedom and unparalleled success in business,
    entrepreneurship, and life. In today's world, personal branding is more crucial than ever, regardless of whether you work for
    yourself or a company. Focusing on yourself as the driving force behind your business is essential for long-term success and
    sustainability. Serial entrepreneur Chris Donnelly explores the principles of sustained personal success, emphasising that you
    are the key to true financial independence.